I Bless The Rains Down In...

Aaaaaaafrica! Africa?! Africa.

Can you believe it??

It feels like we've been in a holding pattern forever (really just over a year, but still), keeping our enthusiasm vague & at bay. But now our enthusiasm gets to be very specific and very in-your-face: we're moving to the Horn of Africa, y'all!! 

Since before we even met, Silas and I both knew that we would spend the rest of our lives loving others in Christ's name overseas, but while we dated, got engaged and got married, we didn't have a place or face for that commitment. We knew we would go, but we didn't know where.

And now we know!

For months, we've researched, prayed, interviewed, prayed some more, and continued praying. We learned about opportunities all over the globe, constantly wondering, "How are we supposed to pick just one?!" Every person we talked to is making His name known and meeting a valid need somewhere in the world, & we could see ourselves alongside many of them. So …